Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WIAW # 14

That time again and this is my eats from last Wednesday.
Peas and Crayons
This is going to shock you but I did not have oats!!  I had some wheat/gluten free cereal for breakfast with some almond milk.

Mid morning I had a banana and nectarine.  Both were tasty and I was hungry this morning.

For lunch I had a cottage cheese and hummus salad.  It was ok but nothing flash.

Dinner this week I had a brown rice and prawn stir fry. 

It was really tasty and I really enjoyed it.  I just used veg that I had in and was pleased with the outcome.

It was my birthday yesterday so I just had to share the naughty butterfly cake I made for work and of course had one myself!

I just the same mixture as my mocha cake.

I got some new cycling gear from my husband and he is took me out for a lovely Italian meal last night.  It was really nice although the place was a little shabby.

I am really loving cycling and really enjoyed my 21 mile ride on Sunday.  The tour of Britain is coming soon.  We are going away camping while it is on and we will watch some of it.  It should be great as Bradley Wiggins will be racing.
Did you all have a good week?

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  1. All your eats look delicous girl :)