Monday, 20 August 2012

Having a Baking Time!

Happy Monday – I don’t know where the weekend has gone but it has been lovely.

Friday night my friend was meant to be coming over but there was a change of plans.  Instead I had a lovely glass of wine (or two) and relaxed. 

Saturday was promised to be the hottest and sunniest day of the year but as typical English weather we had no sunshine – NONE!!  It was hot and sticky but no sun shine.  I was really gutted but took my annoyance out on cleaning the house!!  I did catch up with one of my sisters who has been on holiday. 

Sunday I hoped would bring sunshine and not the forecasted rain.  I woke up with much anticipation as the sun was shining and it looked like it would stay.  I headed out for a bike ride and ended up doing 21 miles. I was so pleased with myself although it was hard in sections as where I live is hilly. 
This does not show how lovely it was.
When I got home I decided to make some cakes.  It is my birthday tomorrow so I  thought I would make the office some fairy cakes.  I also made myself a lovely mocha cake – mmmm.

This took most of the afternoon but I didn’t care.  I forgot how much I enjoyed baking. 

The rain did come in the afternoon and it rained all afternoon and evening.  I don’t know where all the rain has come from but I wish it would sod off!  It has rained almost every day and I do mean every day since April (when we were told we had a drought!)  As a result I decided to make a winters dinner of Sheppard’s pie with quorn mince.  It was tasty and satisfying but it was a little too warm outside.

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