Sunday, 1 July 2012

Top Tip and Weekly Weigh In

I am so pleased to say that I stayed the same weight this week 139lb.  I have not had the best week as I couldn't keep away from the peanut butter jar!  As I am off work this week I am not sure how I will do as eating out and having an extra glass of wine or two is on the agenda!  I do hope to get hiking and out of my bike during the week.  Happy Monday to you all and here are some tips I recently found.

Tip One

I have been reading a few good blogs recently and came across a great post about eating beans and farting.  I had to share it and hope you find it as helpful as I did. 

I think many people have an issue with eating beans especially when you first start eating them.

Tip Two

Office Work

I work in an office and sit behind a desk for most of my day and that is one of the reasons I love running on my lunch break.  I really find it hard to eat well sometimes at work especially as there are 40 people in the office all brining in cakes when it is their birthday.   There is always sweets and chocolate on offer but NEVER something healthy and nutritious.  I found these top tips from Eating Bird Food, really helpful and I hope you do too.  I now only eat birthday cake if it is home made.  It tastes so much better and I don't feel too guilty about it.  I also bring my own snacks so am not tempted to visit the vending machines.  What are your office tips?

 I hope it helps and gives you some good tips.  Have you got any top tips to share?
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