Friday, 29 June 2012

Holiday time

Happy Friday! I am so excited as we are off for a week next week and if everything goes to plan we are off again to the Lake District.  We are not sure if we will stay as Keswick orUllswater but what ever we decide it will be fantastic.  I loved going with family for the Jubileeweekend but this time it will just be the two of us and our lovely new tent (as long as it comes in time as still no sign).  There are so many things that we are planning to do and one of them is hike Cat bells which is on my summer bucket list.

It is in the background, i think!

 I have planned some meals to have and we will be eating out a little bit but for us half the fun is cooking outside.  I made a bean chilli in the slow cooker, through the week and I have frozen half which we will take with us and have with brown rice.

Here is for hoping that the weather will be kind to us but our new tent will make all the difference.  Hopefully I will not freeze like last time.

Yesterday we had storms and flooding in England and the North East were worst hit.  I was on my way home when it hit and we were so lucky as we didn't flood but other areas were not so lucky.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

Tyne Bridge in Newcastle
Subway in Newcastle

Poor Car in Newcaslte

I realised half way through the week that I had not put my fitness aims in my Monday post.  Not sure where my head was but it was Monday morning!

My plan was to
Monday – Lunch run (did not happen as had to walk to meeting)
Tuesday – Lunch run - Done
Wednesday – Lunch run and spinning
Thursday – Yoga – Fail as visiting family (excuses I know!)
Friday – Lunch run and belly blitz

The weather has been crazy and it has been so hard to fit in running on a lunch time.  I don’t mind getting a little wet but I don’t want to be soaked as I still have to sit in the office at lunch time.  Also this week I have found running really hard going.  My IBS is playing up again although I am not getting stomach craps (which is fantastic) I am not as regular as I would like (maybe more info then you wanted!) and I wonder if this has an effect on my muscles.  

I still went spinning on Wednesday and I am loving it.  The equipment is basic and the room it is in is not the best (no aircon either) but I still really enjoy it.  I really like standing up climbs, can’t get enough of them!  There was a new young girl at the class that decided to tell the room exactly hoe uncomfortable the seat was and where she was hurting!  There is sharing and there is sharing!!

This week I have had some lovely meals including

Prawn Stir Fry with Udon Noodles

Quinoa with Chicken and Roast Vegtables

I think this week my snacks have been a real fail.  I need to look at more satisfy and interesting snacks that don’t leave me wanting more.  I think I have been on a little downer this week but I am off next week so an starting to feel really happy.

I read a great guest post a Truly into Fitness this week that I would recommend reading called 'A True Inspiration'. 

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  1. that stir fry looks amazing do you have the recipe that serves just one? :)