Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WIAW # 7

Here are my eats for last Wednesday.  I am on holiday this week so next weeks should be interesting!
 Peas and Crayons

For breakfast I had some new cereal.  I am trying different kinds as I was a little tired of oats but am finding that I am really hungry for my lunch and finding running before my lunch break really hard.  This muesli is not wheat/gluten free and tastes nice but I am just too hungry so I am going back to oats and can’t wait! 

Today’s lunch was another beetroot salad and was as tasty as ever.  I was never that keen on beetroot before but am really starting to like it now.  I made a juice with some the other day and really liked it.

Dinner was a chickpea flour pizza.  I have been really wanted to try the flour and was so pleased when I found such an easy recipe that you can find here.

I totally forgot the rosemary into the base and it would have really made a difference.  It was so much gentler on my stomach and tasted really yummy.  My husband really liked it and said he would definitely eat it again.  Always a good sign!  We had the pizza with Roast Butter Nut squash.  Can’t seem to get enough of it at the moment.

Snacks have not been too bad this week.  I found some Teddie  peanut butter on offer and thought I would give it a go and I love it.  I go spinning on a Wednesday night and had some before I went on  a slice of wheat free bread and it really helped keep my energy up.  I am finding it hard to resist eating it out of the jar with a teaspoon!

I also had a banana, kiwi and some really tasty cherry’s though out the day.

How are all of your WIAW going?  Have you tried anything that you are really pleased with?

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