Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

Well what a lovely long weekend I have just had.  We went camping to Ullswater in the Lake District and it was fab.  We went with one of my sisters, her husband, their children and another couple.  It was a great laugh and we were so fortunate the rain missed us.

We got there early Saturday morning and set up in a very cold windy field.  We then had a lovely walk along the lake side and thankfully for us it was pushchair friendly.  The children loved seeing all the animals and insects. 

We went into Poole Bridge and watched the football as England were playing.  Unfortunatley it was too cold to sit out but we found a good spot and enjoyed the match and even better, England won.  Please don’t ask me who they were playing as I can’t remember!

On Sunday we went into Keswick and it was lovely.  There was a street party going on with a stand in the main street and local performers were singing and performing. 

The weather was really cold but it was still lovely to go down to the lake and the children loved it.  The nights were freezing and even in my fleece pyjamas, hoody and fluffy socks I woke up freezing. 

Monday we woke up to lovely sun shine.  We went into Penrith to get bbq food and went back to enjoy the fun activities that the campsite had put on.  We had a lovely bbq and I bought some lovely veg to cook on it.  I love barbequed aubergine and think I ate a full one myself!
The little chick we saved

All in all a great weekend although not as active as I would have liked but it is hard when you are away with toddlers.

I don’t know how it is Wednesday already and I feel like I am failing on WIAW this week and promise to be back on track next week.  I am aiming this week to fit in 4 sessions of cardio and so far I have ran during my lunch break today and hopefully will all the rest of the week.

How was your weekend?

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