Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WIAW # 6

It is that time of week again and this is my eats from last Wednesday. 

Peas and Crayons

For breakfast I enjoyed quinoa pancakes and they were yummy.  I think more adventurous topping would have been better.

For lunch I had a bowl of sunshine and it was lovely.  Last night I roasted some veg to make Roast Veg with Pasta and Pesto and had veg left over.  In a pan I put a handful of rinsed split red lentils, half tin of chopped tomatoes and half a pint of good quality stock.  Once it came to the boil I added the roasted veg and a little garlic.  Once the lentils were cooked I blitzed it all together and it is one of the tastiest soups I have ever eaten.

Before I went spinning I had a Nakd bar and it really tied me over until I managed to bet my below dinner.  I did eat far too late so will use the slow cooker next week.

For dinner we had a lovely Noodle and Prawn soup.  I used brown rice Udon Noodles which are nice but I prefer the Soba Noodles.

It is easy to make and tasty to eat.

½ Onion finely chopped
2 Spring onions sliced
1 glove of garlic crushed
½ a Chilli or little dried chilli flakes
A good handful of Sugar Snap Peas sliced into bite size pieces
1 round of noodles
10 large prawns (or a little more if you prefer)
1 ½ pints of good quality vegetable stock
Splash of soya sauce

Heat some olive oil in a wok and add the onion and spring onion and cook for about 2 minutes until softened. Add the garlic and chilli and cook for 2 minutes.  If it sticks a little add a splash of water.  Add the sugar snaps and mix around.   Then add the stock and once bubbling add the noodles (break up if you prefer small bits which is what I do) and simmer through until cooked.  Add the prawns and a splash of soya sauce and cook until the prawns are heated through. This will not take long.  Serve in warmed bowls and enjoy.  You can add some sliced water chestnuts if you want it to be a little more filling, I didn’t have any so added some broccoli and it worked really well.

Throughout the day I also snacked on a banana, apple and a boiled egg.  I find eating an egg about one hour before my lunch time run keeps me satisfied.  I do need to think more about my snacks and have something a little more filling and balanced as sometimes I am very hungry for my evening meal.

So how was your week and what snacks do you find the most enjoyable and filling?


  1. I need to try our pancake recipe! My week has been great! Right now I can't seem to get enough avocado, tomatoes and smoothies. My 2012 summer favorites :)

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  2. They are lovely and i think they will work well with protein powder in. I love tomatoes too and just getting into smoothies. Happy WIAW!

  3. i don't eat prawns, but that soup looks delish! may have to make a substitution!

  4. I make a similar soup but without the shrimp (I'm allergic). I love how easy it is to make. Happy WIAW!