Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pedal Power

When I was a child my parents decided to treat me and my sisters to new bikes.  We would each get one once a month starting with my middle sister (I am the eldest).  It was a massive treat for us as we had never had new bike.  I went so excitedly to the bike shop to look at bikes and decide what I wanted.  My sister wanted a pink bike that had different gears and was classed as a girl’s racer.  I wanted a fabulous proper road bike (boy’s racer) that had drop handles and millions of gears.  It was just like my older cousins bike, who I looked up to, always thinking he was cool and so grown up (he was only 3 years older then me!).   My sister was so excited when my mum and dad came home with the bike she had dreamed of.  The following month when it was my turn I could hardly contain my excitement.  When the bike arrived I opened it excitedly only to find an identical pink bike that my sister had.  I hid my disappointment as I knew that it meant so much to my parents and never told them of my disappointment.  Don’t get me wrong I loved riding that bike and we were like best buds but I still remember the disappointment of it not being the one I picked. 

So this time I was getting the bike I always wanted.   No one could talk me out of it or put doubt in my mind.  I picked a small women’s bike and this time not in pink.  I have been on it a few times now and think I am falling in love!

When my mum saw it she said, why have you picked a blue mans bike with those horrible handles.  You should have gone for a pink one!

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