Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Decision time and changes a foot

Another bank holiday weekend gone and more college work doe but not enough exercise that’s for sure.  Things have to change and will be changing.  I have had a very busy and stressful  few months if I am honest with working full time, doing a full time degree, applying for a promotion and change of job at work and training for a triathlon. 

Thankfully I got the promotion and now I have only two more assignments at College.  Ok one is a massive research project but that is by the by.

In all honestly I have not been in a good place of late.  It has all become a too much and something has had to give.   Training has become a chore, a stress and not something that I was enjoying.  It has added to the stress but more importantly the guilt of missing a session or two has been too much.  Soooooo with a very heavy heart I have decided to pull out of the triathlon in August and instead concentrate on being healthy and more relaxed.  I would have been different had my college year ended the beginning of July as I thought but it doesn’t end till 1st September and then I start my final year at Sunderland University on the 19th September. 

I have done some fun things too like meeting family and going to see an art exhibition that my mum was part of.

Also we went to York races and had a fab time and stayed in an amazing hotel.  My camera died so only a few pictures.

So tomorrow is June and I have an action plan of sorts.  Changes are a foot!!

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