Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Weekend Fun and Week 2

This weekend was not only filled with the fun of shopping with my best bud but also the excitement that I finally have a turbo trainer and it is set up.  I went on it on Sunday and it was hard work but really good.  It is so quiet that I happily listened to a sit com on sky go and peddled away.  I just kept it on the level for 30 mins but by the end I was sweating and really enjoyed it.   I hope and think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

So roundup of last week’s training
Week 1
Sunday – Exercise bike interval training
Monday – bank holiday wimpiness!
Tuesday – Run, a very hilly trail run that made my legs die!
Wednesday – Bike, fail as couldn’t get to the bike, excuses, excuses
Thursday – Swim, drill session that went well and Run, 3.5 miles flatish as legs were like lead
Friday – Run, hill run again and my hips flared up.

Not the best first week but a start.

Week 2  of 10  - Training plan
Sunday – turbo session
Monday – Run and swim (both done).  Swim was so good and I am so happy I managed a mile in about 33 mins.  Proud of myself.

Tuesday – Run 3 miles          
Wednesday – Turbo session
Thursday – Swim and run
Friday – Run and turbo
Saturday - Rest

I haven’t mentioned before that I have an on-going hip problem that has been driving me mad.  I now think I have Bursitis in my right hip that was improving but I slipped over at the weekend (no alcohol involved) and it  has aggravated it again.  I have been stretching like a trooper and am looking to do strength exercises as that is what I think is causing the issues.  It only really hurts when I am running and running with hills.

On the triathlon front I still have not heard if I am in but I have my eye on some others. For the first time in a long time I am feeling really excited and motivated to train and what is more I am enjoying it.  No loving it (bar the hip!).

How was your weekend and what are your weeks training plan?

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