Thursday, 11 September 2014

Swimming Costumes or Bikinis

Over the years I have always worn bikini’s when out in the sun and never would have worn a costume.  I always felt that old people wore swimming costumes.  So this summer I wasn’t happy with any bikini that I tried on so I ordered an array of bikini’s and costumes to try on.  I didn’t like any bikini I tried on as the bottoms were far too low for my pot belly and reluctantly tried on a swimming costume and the minute I put it on, I loved it. 
I got these two  from Next in the sale. 
It has opened a whole new world to me and I feel so much more comfortable and confident (something I never feel) in them.  I still have a couple of bikini’s that I have from our honeymoon that I really like but all in all I am so surprised at home good I feel in them.  I especially the first red one.  I feel all grown up for once, or maybe I am just getting old!!

Are you a bikini or costume girl?


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