Friday, 3 May 2013

Weekly Training and My Frist 10K

Today is the start of a lovely long bank holiday weekend and we are all hoping that the rain stays away after the terrible last few summers we have had.  We don't have much planned but our garden needs some attention ASAP!!

This week I have got back on track and this is my weeks training.

Monday           Wood trail run 2.5 miles and Swimming 45 mins
Tuesday          Wood Trail run 2.5 miles
Wednesday     Rest day
Thursday         Road Run 3.5 miles and 45 min Spin Class

Today is Friday and not getting running as planned as meeting friend for lunch.  I can't wait as not seen her in ages and love catching up. I need to fit in a longer run and plan to do that this lovely long bank holiday weekend.  I really hope the weather is nice.  I also hope to get out on my cute and well missed bike.

Last years cycling fun!!

 Well it is done, I have entered a 10K in June along with two wonderful friends.  It is 7 weeks away on Sunday and so far I am excited.

We currently run 3.5 miles so we need to start increasing our runs.  The main issue we have it time as we run on our lunch breaks.  I think we are going to plan a few runs after work and maybe on a weekend.  Either way we are all excited.

We are doing the Bupa Gateshead 10K on 23 June. 

What are your weekend plans?  Have you set any goals?

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