Friday, 30 May 2014

Week 13 & 14

My last two weeks of training has been going well.  I have been struggling so much with running and to be honest I have not been enjoying it at all.  My hip has been playing up too which hasn’t helped.  I had a run on Sunday and it went well and I managed to run 7.2 miles which it the longest on my own.  More importantly I even enjoyed it. 

So here is the last 2 weeks of training.

Week 13

Sunday – Cycle ride

I did a lovely 13 mile cycle ride and loved being back out on my bike. 

Monday – Swim and Run

3.5mile lunch run followed with a swim session on the evening.  I swam with the group and managed to keep up which I was so pleased with as I was worried that I wouldn’t keep up.  We did different drill sessions and really feel it is building up my speed and strength.

Tuesday  - Run and Gym

Things went wrong as I had to work my lunch to go to the opticians after work as they had forgotten to send my contact lenses out and I had none left.

Wednesday – Running Club

We did a short 3 mile run as many people were doing the half and full marathon in Edinburgh.  Well it was horrible, really horrible as it was so uneven and hot.  My already sore hip got so much more worse on the uneven ground. 

Thursday – Swim

Early morning swim session that went really well.  I managed to do a good time on my 16 lengths and was really pleased.

Friday – Run and gym session

Lunch run was really good, I felt strong and my hip felt fine.  I went to the gym after work for my first brick session.  The bike at the gym is not the best at all but it was a start.  I only went on the exercise bike for 20 minutes and went straight to the tread mill.  It did not go well as I am my hip really hurt, I lasted 1 minute and had to come off.  I went to on the cross trainer instead and then did some weights. 

Saturday – Rest

I needed it!

Week 14

Sunday – Long run

I did a 7.2 mile road run and really enjoyed it.  I set off feeling a little apprehensive as my hip had been pulling but I relaxed and started to feel ok, I ran 2 miles and turned up a hill and actually felt good.  When I got to the top it looked so beautiful that I just kept going. When I got to 3.5 miles I decided just to  turned round and go the way it came as it was so pretty.  Not what I had planned but it was good.  My hip did hurt at mile 5 but told myself to relax and that really helped me.  When I finished I felt so good and happy with myself.  It is the longest I have ran on my own and feel that my half marathon might be achievable.  I have been so worried about it,

Bank holiday Monday – Fun day at the sea side.

We went to Whitby and it was crazy busy there.  I had an amazing salmon salad and walk around the town.  It was too busy for me but lovely to see the coast.

Tuesday – Bike and run

I went on the exercise bike for a good 30 minutes and was sweating nicely by the end of the session.  Lunch time run was hard on my hip, it really pulled and wasn’t feeling too good.  Tuesday night was a date night watching The Tour in Durham

Wednesday – Club run

My hip was far too sore so no training for me.  I am really annoyed of this hip of mine and hoping that a little rest will help it.

Thursday – Swim and run     

I woke up early and headed to the gym for a swim.  It was lovely and quiet and I got a lane to myself.  I really enjoyed it.  I really can’t believe how much I really love swimming and can see myself doing some events in the future.  I only have time for 3 sets of 16 lengths (12000m) so I broke them down.  My plan was to go 4 sets of 4 lengths doing different drills.  The first 4 lengths felt so good that I just swam the whole 16 lengths of the first set in under 10 minutes (must get stop watch).  Then the last two sets of 16 I used my pull buoy and did different drills.  I really enjoyed it but at the last 4 lengths my hip started aching. 

I decided it was better to skip my lunch run and try and get my hip/leg healed.  I always feel so guilty when I miss a run but I know it was the right choice.

Friday – Run and Cycle

So today my plan is a lunch time 3.5 mile run then in the evening (weather permitting) to do a good 14 mile bike ride.  The weather is looking  hopeful so far. If I can’t get out on my bike I will go to the gym.  We have been having really torrential rain storms recently  - Boo

I don’t have anything exciting planned for the weekend but I hope to get another long run in on Sunday.  I am not sure what the forecast it like for the weekend but I could really fancy a good hike somewhere local.  A few of my friends and family members are on holiday this weekend (all different places) and I am wishing it was my turn!  I begged them to fit me in their suit cases but they were having none of it!  We don’t go away till late September and I can’t wait.  I think we will slip a camping trip in beforehand but after my tri!

What are your weekend plans?

Happy weekend.

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