Friday, 16 May 2014

Week 12

Another week gone by and this week has seen some good changes including joining the gym.  I have been thinking about it for a while but didn’t like the idea of being tied into a years contract.  Then last week and the trouble I had with the bus made me rethink my swimming routine and it looks like it is going to work and I am going to start finally doing some strength training.

So this weeks training

Sunday  - bike ride

Monday – Swim and run

I did a good 3.5 mile run and it felt good. Swim was a fail as I really started to feel ill which was very disappointing and decided I would go on Tuesday night.

Tuesday – Run and swim

I woke feeling ill and  forced myself out for a run and it was good but I crashed in the afternoon.  I ended up going to bed early and it was the best thing I could do as I woke up feeling so much better. 

Wednesday – Club run
Not actual views as can't take camera or phone with me but you get the idea. 
I ran a lovely 6.2 mile and it was challenging but I felt so good afterwards.  It was a beautiful sunny night and there was a good turnout.  We set off and ended up on some lovely country lanes with rolling hills.  It was hard work but lovely.
Thursday – Swim

I tried a new pool on Thursday morning and it was great. I managed to share a lane with only one other swimmer.  I did  50 lengths (1250m) in 3 sets of 16 and 2 lap cool down.  I made it to work in time bur with wet hair, a small price to pay I think.

Friday – Run and Gym induction

Lunch time run and a gym induction. 

My bike sessions were seriously lacking this week so the weekend plan is to get out on my bike and enjoy the sun shine.  I am planning on covering the full triathlon distance of 20k and see how my legs are.  I might even attempt brick session.  I don’t have much other plans for the weekend but weather is meant to be nice so might try and get in the garden and do some weeding.  My hubby is really into football and the FA cup final is on this Saturday which we may go out to watch.  I am just looking forward to two days off and getting out on my bike.

I am excited to join the gym and hoping apart from getting some strength exercises in to start some brick sessions and I am hoping they have a stretching class I can go to.

How is your training going and what are your weekend plans?

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