Monday, 12 May 2014

My baby is back!!

I finally managed to get out on my road bike on Sunday and did a very steady 7 miles.  I picked a flat route where I would be able to practise clipping in and out of my scary shoes and even managed a bit of traffic. 

When I set off the sky looked like it could pour down at any moment but thankfully it held off.  My legs felt tired straight away but I soon got into a nice rhyme and settled in.  I did a loop of a bypass  road that is not very attractive but has lots of opportunities to stop unclip and start again.  This was important to me as I need to rebuild my confidence.  The return half was harder as the wind had picked up but it was wonderful to be out again.  I loved every minute but did think, how on earth do you run after this!
How were your weekend fitness plans?

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