Monday, 19 May 2014

Feeling the wind in my hair

A wonderful sunny weekend was enjoyed by all including myself.  Friday was my induction to the gym and I was so surprised how weak I am.   More work on strength is needed that is for sure. 

Saturday started off beautiful and sunny.  I woke up bright and early and went out for a ride.  I set off wanting to cover 10 miles and practise drinking from my water bottle while riding. 

I ended up riding just under 14 miles and really enjoyed myself.  Half way through I had an energy gel as I had only had a banana before going out and it kicked in at about mile 10.   It was a new type if gel and it tasted better than the SIS gels that I find a little too sticky and sweet.  I will have to try some different flavours.

The country roads were nice and quiet and I went out before it got out too hot.  I passed two big groups of riders and really wished I had someone to go on bike rides with but enjoyed getting out.  I really had forgotten just how much i love cycling.

All in all a really enjoyable ride.  The rest of the weekend I enjoyed the odd gin and tonic or two J

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