Monday, 16 September 2013

Another week again!

Here we are again on a Monday morning.  How quick the weekend flies by.  Firstly I am feelingmuch more human now and think whatever I had last week has gone.    That does mean that last week I did not set or meet my weeks fitness challenges but am in full swing this week.

My weekend was very quiet and Friday night I decided to make us a little pitta pizza each.  I used a gluten free pitta for mine but we both had the same topping of tomato and chilli paste, spring onions and mozzarella.  We had it with roasted potato wedges and they were lush.
Saturday morning started with a just under 5 mile run.  I was still not feeling fantastic so cut my intended 6 miles to 5 but that said I really enjoyed being out.  I can honestly say i never regret a run and wish I hadn’t gone.   No sorry that is not true  I have once regretted a run and that was when my legs has seized from gardening and rock climbing!!  Well it was a lovely morning and the sun was shining  the  whole way around.  I must say I prefer to run on a Sunday morning as it is much quieter but the weather forecast was terrible for Sunday.

quicker split time - yippee
Saturday consisted of cleaning and shopping and meeting up with family.  For dinner I was craving chicken fajitas without the wraps so that is what i made and it was very spicy and very tasty.

It was really tasty but the kitchen still smelt spicy on Sunday morning!!

Sunday was truly a lazy day.  I watched the Great North Run which much envy and I will be entering next year.  One way or another I will get a place.  I also watched the Men’s Triathlon World Champion final session and saw Gomez just pip Jonathon Brownlee to the post.  It was a great event to watch and I always enjoy watching  the closeness of the Brownlee brothers. 

I then made us a vegetable lasagne and even made a white sauce to go on top.  It was so tasty and pleased I made the effort to make the white sauce with cheese.

Vegetable Lasagne with White Sauce

I roasted a selection of vegetables then once cooked mixed with half a carton of Passata.

The white sauce was so easy to make and this made a bit too much!
50g butter
50g gluten free plain four (any plain flour would be fine)
145ml of milk (any type I used cows skimmed milk)

Put all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil stirring all the time.  Was boiling turn down and stir until sauce has thickened to required thickness and season to taste.

Then I layed a tomato layer, pasta sheets layer, think white sauce, tomato sauce, pasta and topped with white sauce.  I then sprinkled  some grated cheese on top.  I baked it all in the oven or 40 mins at about 180.

This week I am planning on the following exercise routine this week.

Run and swim
Rest day
6 Mile run

How was your weekend and what did you bake?

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