Monday, 10 June 2013

Holiday Time!

I am back after a wonderful, wonderful  week away.  We went to the Poole Bridge, Ullswater on Monday for  four nights and for once the English weather was amazing.  The sun shone all week and although it was a little cloudy at times it was lovely and warm.  I have to admit things didn’t go exactly to plan as  last weekend I started with a full on cold and felt dreadful.  The whole week I didn’t feel great and then ended up with terrible hay fever and now I am starting to feel human!
So back to the wonderful week off.

Monday I got up early and went for a 7k run.  I was not feeling fantastic but loved the run in the early morning sun shine.  We set off for the campsite and arrived at lunch time.  The tent went up with a bit of chew but we got there in the end!  We did a food shop and then went out for dinner.  No pictures as the food was terrible and we should have complained. 
Tuesday was a beautiful day and we decided to drive to Keswick and do the Derwent Circuit.  It was beautiful and the when we stopped for our picnic we watched people and dogs swimming in the lake feeling rather envious! 

We got back to the campsite and had a couple of glasses of wine then walked along Ullswater lake.

Wednesday I woke up feeling ill so we had a quieter day and went into Keswick and played pitch and putt.  It was so much fun although hubby got some terrible bites.  We did enjoy a pint at the end of the day!

Thursday we were meant to be hiking up Catbells and was gutted that I felt ill when I woke up.  We decided to go to Grasmere instead and it turned out to be an amazing walk.  We decided to walk along the fells above Grasmere.  The views were amazing especially overlooking lake Windermere.  I don’t think these pictures really do it justice and the weather doesn’t look great but it really was.

Friday we took the tent down and had lunch in Keswick and checked out a campsite.  By the time we go home we were shattered so went out for dinner then crashed in bed.  I also realised I had terrible hay fever and used a great nasal spray and started feeling better.

Saturday the weather was amazing and we spend the day in the garden pottering around and I made a lovely paella for dinner.

I used chortizo,  fresh prawns and Scallops.  It was really good and I just followed the recipe on the packet. 

Sunday I was reunited with my beloved.

We didn’t go too far as still feeling ropey but really enjoyed it.  I also wore my birthday present from last year and it was really comfortable. 

When I got back I had a trek bar for the first time and it was ok but not fantastic.  I would try different types and I am not ruling them out but they are a lot of weight watchers points.

So how have all your weeks been?

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