Friday, 31 May 2013

Don't blink as you might miss it!

I can’t believe how much the weeks are flying at the moment.  I would like to start doing a weekend round up on a Monday and I really must get my finger out for that.  That said I am away next week so things will be a little thin on the ground. 

Before I get to next week’s adventures let’s have a roundup of this week’s training.

Saturday  - spend in the sunshine in near Hexham and Corbridge
Corbridge (Source)
Sunday – 9.6k run – It was HOT and I found it hard in the heat but did it so mega pleased with myself.  My time was slow but who cares really.  I then spent the afternoon digging the garden.

Monday – Bank holiday and rest day as my legs were killing me.
Tuesday – lunch time run and we pushed it hard
Wednesday – Rest day although should have been yoga day
Thursday – Lunch run
Friday – lunch 10k run with girls (sweaty killer hill run)

It is 3 weeks until our 10k race and so far I am really enjoying upping the miles. I think I need another 10k to aim for so that I stay at it.  Also this top came in preparation for the race and now I am getting very excited.

 I also need to share with me a lovely meal I had this week.  It was roasted sweet peppers stuffed with feta cheese with roasted small potatoes and butternut squash.  I served it with a lovely salad of spinach leaves and lots of tasty salad.  I used Balsamic vinegar too and it was lush.

Big tasty plate!
So next week we are off camping and hopefully this is a sneak preview of what is to come. 

What are your plans?

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