Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WIAW # 18

Peas and Crayons

Here are my eats from last Wednesday.  You may notice it is not on my weekly planner but sometimes you have to switch things up!!

For breakfast i had some really nice gluten free cereal with blueberries, banana and yogurt.  It was super dupey tasty.  I mixed it with organic Greek yogurt which is the nicest yogurt I have ever eaten.

Wow picture is a funny colour!

Super yum

 For lunch i had a lovely picnic lunch with a good friend.  I had tuna salad with some tasty tomatoes, courgettes, lettuce, spring onions, beetroot and a few tasty grapes in.

Dinner came round really fast on  Wednesday and we had a sort of Spanish Omelet with Asparagus.  I added some in the Omelette and had some on the side.  It is weird how it makes your wee smell funny, a bit like sugar puffs!

I have been told that Asparagus is an aphrodisiac
 but all I know is it makes my wee smell funny!
For snacks I have been enjoy apples, some rice cakes with hummus or cottage cheese and yogurt.  I was eating Yeo Valley Fat Free Natural yogurt and it was lovely but decided to try some different flavoured ones and they are ok but not as nice or creamy.

I have been humming and arrhhing about telling you that I have rejoined weight watchers but thought the more i told the more support I will receive.  I went last night and although my weight is higher them I want it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I am 5ft 2inch and weight 10st 1lb (141lb).  I am just setting little targets and my first 5% loss would be to get to 9st 8lb.  So there it is and all your help is most welcome. 

I tried out my new trainers and they are so cushioned but not as comfy as my old ones.  Sure they will be soon.
so clean!
If you would like to follow me that would be great and you can do by popping your e-mail in the right hand corner.

So how has your week been and do any of you follow a eating plan at the moment?

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  1. Can't ever go wrong w/ eggs for dinner =) My week has been lovely, as I hope yours has has been too!