Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I am back baby!!!

Ok so I said I was doing a Aquathlon and I was, really I was but it was cancelled and I was gutted. 

Ok first things first, I have not been here!  I was not sure after my break if I wanted to continue a blog  that very few read! 

Well I have been a little down recently and then my in February my IBS really flared up and to be honest I am still having problems now.  I bought a great book called IBS Solutions and  found it really interesting.  After reading it I decided to try a low fibre and gluten free diet.  I have increased my fibre recently slowly but and staying on the gluten free and am finding my stomach  is so much calmer. 

So all that said I am back and honestly feeling so much better.  I have been running 3 to 4 times a week, spinning and started swimming.  Swimming had been a saving grace and I love it.  The first session I could only manage 1 length front crawl and now I am managing about loads more and even covered a mile but not very strongly.  I really miss my bike and can’t wait until the weather picks up.  I am thinking (and only thinking) of signing up to a Triathlon but scared!!!!!!
I have been eating some yummy things recently so will have some tasty treats coming up.

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