Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Am I Odd?

I have not rounded up the weekend yet because to be honest my heart has not been in it and I have not been feeling fantastic.  I did watch the Olympic opening ceremony and loved it.  I also watched the mens and womens cycle road races but more on that later.

So am I weird?

My sister and hair dresser was at my house and we were discussing what we all were cooking for dinner that night.  It is a standard joke in my family that I weekly plan my meals.  Not only does it make it easier for when I get in from work and my weekly shop is much cheaper (unless my hubby comes along!!).  My hair dresser could not believe it and quizzed me for the rest of the week’s meals.  She really thought I was weird and I didn’t dare tell her I have started making a monthly list!  Yup a monthly list.  Don’t get me wrong I can swap meals around or change my mind but it helps.

Am I the only one?

Don’t get me wrong I do not do this all the time but when I am focused I find it really helpful.  Saying that I do get a little obsessed about finding new recipes.  I do really enjoy cooking and trying new things and I suppose it is why I love food blogs.

My meal plan for the week are
Monday – Pasta, Roast Veg and tomato sauce
Tuesday – Spicy Chicken, Chickpea and potatoes
Wednesday – Pearl Barley Bake
Thursday – Prawn and Noodle soup
Friday – Not sure as girls night in

Do you plan and if so what meals have you got planned?

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