Thursday, 14 June 2012

WIAW # 4 and sick day.

Well so far my week has not been the best.  I ended up having a terrible migraine on Monday night and once I finally feel to sleep I couldn’t get out of bed and had a sick day. I had a great run on Monday and real feel that it is getting easier and that we are getting faster.  I need to get a watch to see how we are performing and improving.

Wednesday although I was back at work I did not feel 100% better.  I felt really washed out and had no energy so I decided to have another rest day and hopefully come back in a vengeance on Thursday.

I do think I ate properly either but here are my eats for WIAW

 Peas and Crayons

For breakfast I had wheat free cereal and it is ok but still not as nice as the Eat Natural. 

For lunch I had a lovely Fete Cheese and Jersey Potato Salad.  I love Jersey Royal potatoes as they have a taste all to there own.  My family are from Jersey and as Jersey girl myself I love them although they are not like how they were when I lived there.  The potatoes used to (and still are sometimes) covered with seaweed from the beaches and this gives them a unique sweet taste.  If you ever get the opportunity to try them I would highly recommend it.

For dinner we had sweet peppers stuffed with fete cheese, Jersey new potatoes and fried onion and mushroom.  We usually have salad but we had so many mushrooms that had to use them up.  We first got introduced to fete cheese in sweet peppers when we went to Greece on holiday and love it.  It is so simple and tasty.  Roast the peppers in the oven and once cooked to your liking stuff with fete cheese as back into the oven and cook for further 5 mins until the cheese has just melted.  I used ¼ of a block for each pepper and it is more then enough.  

I forgot to take pics of my snacks but I had a banana and yoghurt in the morning and an egg in the afternoon, followed by a peach and apple.

I think I am going to try and snack more wisely and join in the snack challenge at Peas and Crayons. One thing I have noticed is the great sensible snacks they have that seem so filling.  Today I am feeling better so bring on the lunch time run.

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