Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday already

I really don’t know where the weekend has gone to and although I didn’t do anything over exciting I did have a lovely weekend. 

Friday on the way home from work I past the sign below in an office window.  Whoever Lara is she must be so happy.  When we got engaged it was so magical and the whole day was just amazing.

 Friday night also saw the start of the football Euro’s competition so I have lost my husband for the next 3 weeks.

Saturday we went hunting for a new tent as the one we have is soooooo cold and dated now.  We had a look at a few but decided to wait until we find one we are really happy with. 

Sunday my mum was exhibiting some paintings so I went to see them and all the others on display.  It was lovely and there were some paintings by twin brothers Chris and Steve Rocks and they were really good. 

I didn’t manage to get out on my road bike as it was torrential rain and I was gutted.

I made some nice meals over the weekend including pastryless quiche and a aubergine and bean curry.

I will post the recipes soon.

My fitness aims for the week are

  • Monday – Lunch run
  • Tuesday – Lunch run and toning
  • Wednesday – Lunch run and spinning (so excited to start spinning again)
  • Thursday – Yoga
  • Friday – Lunch run
We are hoping to do some trail runs on our lunch break but it is weather permitting as the woods get very water logged.  We have noticed a improvement in our distance run when we do some trail runs. 

I am starting to get weighed on a Saturday and I will post them on a Monday.  I weighed 140lb and I am pleased that I have lost 7lb since January.  Not a lot but a great start.  

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