Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer Bucket List

After reading Tina’s summer bucket list over at Carrots n Cake , I thought it was a totally great idea and that I needed to get into the action.  The weather here in England is terrible and doesn’t look to be improving.  We were PROMISED by the weather man that it would be sunny and hot today and tomorrow and so far the sun has done a no show!!

My Summer Bucket List

  •        Go camping (as much as possible!)
  •        Have a fun filled bbq
  •        Celebrate my birthday with good friends and fab food
  •         Participate in a ‘Run in the Park’
  •        Plan and enter my first race
  •       Climb Cat Bells in the lake district
  •       Get over my fear of Protein powder and give it a whirl (this is weird I know)
  •       Go to the Jersey Ice Cream Parlour and eat lots of ice cream (without feeling guilty)
  •        Go to a local farmers market
  •        Grow my first lot of veggies (some are growing in the garden but not looking too good!)

Cat Bells in the Lake District

Jersey Cow and Ice Cream mmmm

Ok this list might not be that exciting but I like it and I hope to add some other things to it.

Have you made a list of things you would like to do?  Think I will pin mine up and cross things off. 

Fitness wise I would love to get into a regular routine of Spinning, running and cycling.  I have the running pretty much sorted but the others need sorting out.  I really fancy trying a triathlon (secret ambition) next year even if it is a mini one.

My Baby, i miss you!!
So far on my fitness aims for the week I have kept to them, I did a 3.2 mile run yesterday lunch time and will be doing the same tonight.  I am signed onto a Spinning Class tomorrow (first one in years) and tonight I am debating weather to tone or swim.  Not sure.

England play football tonight in the Euros and I really hope they get through.  Enjoy your evening.

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  1. I think a summer bucket list is great