Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WIAW # 5

I can not believe it is that time of week again.  I don’t know where the weeks are going. 
Peas and Crayons
For breakfast I decided to give a smoothie a whirl and I loved it.  I soaked some oats on Almond milk and blitzed it with Banana, yoghurt and a very ripe peach.  It was thick and creamy and very yummy.  I am going to try green smoothies once I have been shopping after reading this great post on ‘Eating Bird Seed’.

For lunch I had a left over spicy bean burger with carrot and butternut squash chips that were lovely.  I made a really crisp salad to go with it.  I never liked beetroot (unless pickled) and I tried some the other day and love it.  I even made a earthy beetroot juice. 

For dinner we had an adaption of a 101 recipe called NewYear Noodle Soup.  I added Asparagus and it was lovely. I used Soba noodles that were really nice and cooked really quickly and I thought they were really tasty.  The soup was really filling and I loved it.

The last few days for healthy snacks I have really trying to think about what I have.  I have tried to have snacks that are nutritious, tasty and filling.  I have had crackers and cottage cheese, fat free natural yoghurt with fresh Apricots.  I have also had a boiled egg a few days about an hour before my lunch time run and I don’t feel as hungry and defo have more energy. 

I was also a little naughty as it was a work friends birthday and she had brought in home made cakes.  As there is so many birthday's I have a little rule that I only have home made cakes and it was one of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.


  1. Black bean burgers and green smoothies are 2 of my all time menu favorites :)

    The cupcake looks decadent!

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    1. I love them too and the burgers taste even better the next day.
      The cupcake was one of the best I have ever eaten.

  2. Lovely cupcake :) Happy WIAW to you! :)

  3. The bean burger sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I am always looking for good ones!

  4. Soba noodles are some of my favorite!! Love the cupcake :)

    1. They are my fav too. I had some Udon ones recently but definitely prefer Soba.