Friday, 25 May 2012

Date Night

Last night we had tickets to see Spaghetti Western Orchestra with my hubby.  We had a voucher to go to Ask and I was little worried as last night the food was not the best but last night it was lovely, really lovely.  I ordered the Salmon Salad without the dressing and my hubby ordered the Chef’s Salad.  I didn’t get a picture but they were both lovely and really fresh.  We got some garlic bread to go with it and  was a little worried as bread can sometimes really hurt my stomach but it was lovely.  The weather was so nice we had a drink before we went to the theatre.

I have to say it is not the normal thing we would go and see but it was fantastic and a great laugh.  It was full and everyone was joining in and getting involved. 

When we go out it was still light and air was warm.  It made such a lovely change and we really felt relaxed.  Bring on the weekend!

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