Tuesday, 14 February 2017


2016 saw a year that I really struggled with.  Nothing really bad happened, no one died or was seriously ill but still I really struggled with it.  Stress is a horrible thing and something that definitely affected my life last year.  It is silent and it crept up on me and what make it worse for me was that was because it was nothing tragic or major I couldn’t understand why  I felt so bad.   People are going through so much more so in my head I didn’t understand why I felt so bad, which made me feel bad!   I suffered the worst migraines I have ever experienced that at point it felt like they took over my life as I had to watch what I ate, drank, how much I slept and so on.   I missed social events and had to take days off work.  After having migraine where I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other and almost pasted out that I knew enough was enough.  I had blood tests and an MRI scan to check there was nothing else going on and when they all came back fine I knew it was stress.  With the help of my fantastic doctor, medication and looking after myself things are slowly getting better.  Keeping things simple and setting a routine has really helped my cope.  September 2016 saw me start my final year at a new institution that is so much better and the work load is so much  more manageable. 

My last migraine was in  beginning  of December and so far in 2017 I have not suffered with one.  I do have to really watch what I eat to keep my sugar levels steady and also how much I drink.  Too much alcohol really affects me so I have become a true light weight!   I have been close but so far so good. 

Socially Last year I struggled with meals out and nights out with friends as I just couldn’t cope.  I didn’t really want to see anyone or go anywhere.  Part of it was fear I would get a migraine but the other part was I just couldn’t cope with it.  So far 2017 has seen me celebrate my beautiful mum’s birthday and had meals with good friends.  I still have a way to go before I can really relax when I am out but things are so much better.

2017 sees me turn 40 which I really can’t believe.  I don’t have any amazing or challenging things I want to do before my birthday (doing a few triathlons and running the great North Run Half marathon saw to that) but my aims is to complete my degree and be healthy.  That’s it, no pressure for me this year.  I am feeling positive and I am keeping it simple, doing things I enjoy,  trying to manage and minimise my stress.  That said I have a dissertation to write but I have a plan so hopefully I will be fine.  Wish me luck! 

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