Wednesday, 6 May 2015

WIAW#56 and week 5

WIAW is here again thanks to peas and crayons.
What I Ate Wednesday Button

So again I am going to share my fav meals this week.

Breakfast has to be kale, mushrooms and eggs.  Ok it sounds a bit weird but I am new to kale and just love it.

Honestly it tasted much better than it looked!

I realise I have not taken one picture of any lunches last week.  What is going on with me but my fav was  a lentil and butter bean stew (again tasted nicer than it sounds).  Sorry no picture.  Picture fails this week.

Dinner has to be homemade fish and chips yum yum yum.

I bought a great little think for keeping onion halves fresh in the fridge.
I realised I have not done a training or weekend post

So this weeks training - Week 5

Sunday – 1 hour turbo session
Monday – Walk and a glass of wine! (no run as bank holiday and pool was shut)

Tuesday – 3.5 mile run
Wednesday  - early morning turbo session in my not so sexy but a bargain red cycling shorts.  Only £6.50 from Wiggle.

Thursday  - Swim and Run
Friday – Turbo and run
Saturday Swim

How is your week going?
I am in a little meal rut at the moment so meal ideas are most welcome

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