Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Whole 30 - Week 2

Week 2  and I have to be honest that I am feeling good.  Week one has gone really well although  I have had a few headaches that have not been really bad but have interrupted my day.  My skin this week is not good I have a bit of a breakout which is new to me. 

At the weekend I didn’t have any alcohol which in all honestly was harder than I thought as I really enjoy a glass of wine or two over the weekend.  I really like to have a glass when I am making dinner on a Sunday afternoon and sparkling water didn’t cut the mustard!  I didn’t crave though and once I sat down to dinner I wasn’t bothered anymore.

My fav meal last week I realised I hadn’t posted about was a very tasty Prawn Thai Green Curry with cauliflower rice.  It was seriously good.

I made it using a whole 30 compliant curry paste.  This is a new curry to us and we loved it.  It is a keeper!

Day 8 – My Pants are tight.

So this is what I should be feeling but to be honest I am not really although I did a bit on Sunday.  I haven’t worn anything overly tight to test this but I have a little wind/gas!!  TMI??? I have also have had a headache most of the day and gave in and had some pain killers.  I have been swimming tonight and have come home bouncing with energy.

So todays eat

Breakfast was soooo good.  2 fried eggs, 1 large mushroom, sweet potato wedges and tomatoes mmmmmmmmmmmm

Lunch was sweet potato and BNS soup with pumpkin seeds.

Dinner after swimming was zoodles with homemade roast veg, tuna and tomato sauce.

I snacked on nuts, seeds and a fruit throughout the day and had a nakd bar before swimming. I was not hungry at all today.

I also picked up this beauty!!  It was the last copy so I was very happy!


Day 9 – Tight pants again

Still not feeling like I have tight clothing or bleating which is great.  Today I have to say I have felt really good.  I really enjoy swimming last night and running this lunch time.  I think I am starting to get more energy.  I am enjoying following the whole 30.

Today is WIAW so here is my eats
Fall into Good Habits: WIAW
Breakfast was a very tasty fried mushroom with scrambled egg and fresh melon.

Snacks I enjoyed friut, nuts and seeds.

Lunch Sweet Potato and BNS soup again, the same as yesterday.

Dinner was a tasty dish adapted from a recipe I got from Paleo comfort foods site and it was nice.  It was a tasty Prawn and tomato sauce with cauliflower rice.

The sauce was easy to make.  I heated some coconut oil and added chilli and crushed garlic, onion and chopped peppers.  Once soft I add a carton of chopped tomatoes and cooked it until it reduced.  I then added the prawns and 2 dollops of coconut milk.  I then served it with cauliflower rice for me and brown rice for my hubby.


Day 10 – The hardest Day or so they say     

I am actually feeling really good although I am still full of wind/gas.  I am surprised how good I am feeling although I keep feeling like I am getting a headache.  I also have my first lecture/class in college tonight and I am really nervous.

I totally forgot to take pictures of my meals today.  Breakfast I had breakfast casserole, lunch was a baked sweet potato with tomato and tuna sauce and for dinner I had roasted vegetables with salmon. 
Today so far has been a good day.

Day 11 – The hardest day again

Well today I am feeling good but hungry.  My stomach is loads calmer today and I am pleased.  This morning I got up early and had a banana before going for a 30 min swim. I really enjoyed it but was starving when I got out so had some breakfast casserole.  By the time I got to work I was still hungry so munched on some seeds, nuts and an apple. 

Lunch was the same as yesterday and it was alright but nothing flash.

Dinner I made a chicken soup of mixed vegetables and shredded chicken.

I also made some balls in a style of nakd bars.  I chopped up some dates and almonds and made them into balls.  I have popped them into the fridge and they are a tasty treat. 

I will be looking for recipes to add some different flavours in.

Day 12 – Boundless Energy and sweet dreams

Well I am feeling good and do seem to have more energy.  I am still having issues with wind/gas but it is getting better, thank goodness for me and all those around me!!!  I am not having any crazier dreams than normal as I do tend to have crazy dreams. 

Today’s breakfast was a tasty fried mushrooms and eggs, it was just what I fancied and needed.

Snack was a homemade nakd style ball and a banana as I went for a run.

Lunch was left over soup from last night and it tasted even better the day after.

Tonight’s dinner is currently bubbling away in the slow cooker.  It is a pumpkin and beef curry from a recipe book from ‘I Quit Sugar’.  I am really looking forward to it.

I will get a picture tonight of what it looks like all dished up.  i have been excited for it all week!
I am shopping with my friend tomorrow and I can’t wait.  I already got myself a treat for getting as far as I have and it is nice.

What are your weekend plans?
Days 13 and 14 or Saturday and Sunday – Lots of energy now give me sugar      
That is what the programme says I should be feeling and to be honest I would say it is right.  I am not craving sugar so much as just would like some!  I have felt like I was missing out a little bit this weekend especially Sunday as I really fancied a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate.  I usually have a few glasses of wine over the weekend and I can honestly say I have not really missed it but Sunday’s when I cook Sunday dinner I have really fancied a glass of wine.  After the whole 30 I am not sure what I am going to do with regards to alcohol.  I do no that I have not missed the mindless munching of sweets.
Before I forget Friday nights pumpkin and beef curry was nice but did need more spice adding.  I would make it again but maybe add a curry paste.
I also made some paleo crackers using ground almonds and mustard from a recipe at  Eat Drink Paleo.  I should have rolled them a little thinner and cooked them a little longer but weirdly they had a cheese flavour to them. Weird I know as defo no cheese in!!
I didn’t eat the most exciting meals over the weekend and  I totally forgot to take a picture of the best meal of the weekend which was my roast chicken Sunday dinner – very yum!  Here are a few meal pics of the weekend.

Fake banana ice-cream

I did go girlie shopping with my best friend and got the cutest boots in the sale.
Have you tried any new recipes that you love?


  1. I love cauliflower rice. Your prawn recipe with the rice sounds delicious! I made a corn + cod chowder recently that I loved (sorry it is definitely not Paleo).

  2. loving all of your healthy and clean eat! I still wanna try cauliflower rice!

    1. it is so lovely and i am not sure that i might stay with it and not eat rice.