Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday Feeling!

So another week has rolled around and brought me ever closer to my first 10k on Sunday. 

To say I am excited in an understatement!

I have everything ready that I need (I hope!!)

Race number, safety pins, clean kit, water bottle and carry belt.  I have also packed the baby wipes for after!!!  Have I missed anything? Hope not.

So this weeks training has been a little low key.

Saturday – 10k woo hoo

Sunday – Nothing after stupid migraine, yes dummy is on the floor!

Monday – Lunch run and swim

Tuesday – Lunch run

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – rest day as went out for lunch!!

Friday – lunch time rime

I really can’t wait for Sunday and hope I enjoy every step.

Not sure what we are doing on Saturday but have some alcohol free treat for the evening!
 How did you feel before you first race?

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