Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Food Plan

I used to always plan my meals for the coming weeks and thought  it was about time i started that again.  I really find that it saves me money when i do our weekly shop.  It also helps me lose weight which is out if control at the moment.  Well sort of just not feeling it at the moment. 

So this weeks dinner meal plan is as follows

Monday - Butter Bean, potato and veg bake
Tuesday - Cod with roast little potatoes and cherry tomatoes
Wednesday - Home made bean burgers
Thursday - We are out so might make quick Pasta and veg sauce or eat out
Friday - Thia Noodle and Prawn soup
Saturday - Chicken Curry (i think but shop on Saturday so might change my mind!)

I have to share some amazing pancakes I had for breakfast.  I blitz 2 eggs and a banana and stirred on some Linseeds (to help with IBS) then made two tasty pancakes.  One of my fav breakfasts.

Some added fruit or fat free yogurt would be lovely too.
 One of my fav breakfasts and a great start to the day. What is your fav breakfast?

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