Monday, 13 August 2012

Saying Goodbye to the Olympics

Happy Monday

The weekend is over already and I don’t know where it has gone!  I know I have not posted a lot recently but I just have not been well.  I have really struggled to have the motivation to do anything and cooking has sort of gone out the window.  I have ditched the hay fever medicine and I am starting to feel so much better.  It was making me feel like I was walking, running and cycling through treacle! 

So back to the weekend.  Friday started with a lazy night enjoying the Olympics.  Saturday was a fun day we went to the Metro Centre to do a little shopping.  I bought a swimming costume for Centre Parcs which I am going to the girls with in September.  I am so excited to go.  We then headed into Durham and had a few drinks and got the bus home.  It was a lovely afternoon and I it was so nice to be out in the warm weather. 

Sunday I headed out for a 18 mile bike ride ( I beat last weeks ride) and learnt a few things about myself.  I tried to remember them all as I was suffering and had loads of ideas but now I can’t remember them all!

  • Cider and cycling, not a good mix (the morning after the night before!).
  • Cursing at myself doesn't make me ride faster.
  • The wind is not my friend.
  • Long bottoms are too hot in the summer.
  • Energy gels definitely make a difference.
  • Second winds are great.
  • I am not that fit!
  • I am more competitive then I thought.

I was pleased with myself for doing 18 miles but I am not going to lie it was hard work. I cycled mainly into a head wind which really made it hard work.  It was however great to cycling the cider (oh and chips) out of my system.

Once home ate scrambled eggs and toast then showered.  I had to get the bus back into Durham to pick up the car.  I took some supplies to see me through.  I am re-reading Harry Potter and really enjoying them.

For dinner last night I made a lovely Roast Vegetables and chicken with rosemary and balsamic vinegar.

2 chicken breasts cut into 4 large pieces
1 courgette
1 pepper
½ onion
½ Aubergine
300g new potatoes
Glug of balsamic
Some rosemary
2 crushed garlic cloves
Olive oil

Pre-heat the oven to a medium high (200degress in England cookers) and add roasting tin with olive oil in.  Cut the potatoes into bite size pieces and cook until tender in boiling water.  Drain and set aside to dry.  While cooking cut veg into bite size pieces (use any veg you like).  Add the veg and potatoes into the hot roasting tin cook for 25 minutes.  Add the chicken, garlic, rosemary and balsamic vinegar and mix well.   Cook for 15 minutes until Chicken is cooked.

Last night was the closing ceremony and I really enjoyed it.  I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed the whole of the Olympics and am sad it has come to an end.  I was trying to think what my favourite event was but I enjoyed so many.  It only seems like yesterday I wrote about what I was looking forward to.  The veladrome events were amazing as were the road races and the triathlons.  I enjoyed watching the beach volley ball, the water polo and the gymnastics.  I really could go on.  I loved seeing so many of our athletes get medals and last night their happiness really came through.

So my fitness aims for the week ahead

Monday – Lunch run
Tuesday  - Lunch run
Wednesday – Spinning
Thursday – Lunch run
Friday – Lunch run

At the weekend I would like to do another long ride.  I got weighed and am 141lb.  I am not happy (enough said!).

How was your weekend and what have you enjoyed.

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