Monday, 6 August 2012

Funny Old Week

Ok before I get on to my funny old week I want  to mention the Olympics .  I am loving it, totally loving it.  I have watched more then I thought I would and can not wait for more events this week.

I am so happy for so many of the GB team that I can’t talk about it all.  I am so happy for Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Andy Murray to mention just a few.  I was so devastated for Helen Jenkins in the Triathlon.  Her legs just couldn’t keep up and she was so devastated as she had carried an injury going into the race and just didn’t have the legs.

Jessica Ennis
Mo Farah

Today Victoria Pendleton is racing in the Velodrome today and I can’t wait to see how she gets on.  She has already won a gold and I am hoping she wins another.

So my funny week, well to be honest I have not posted much this last week or so because to be honest I have just not felt well at all.  It started about 2 weeks ago when I had very itchy ears and them about 10 days ago I thought I was coming down with flu.  My body ached and my eyes felt bruised.  I had a sore throat and congested sinus.  It never got better and didn’t seem to get much worse.  On Thursday last week I felt really dreadful.  I had managed to get all my runs done and gone to spinning.  I  went for my usual run and did feel better then mid afternoon I had a relapse and some one mentioned that the grass was being cut outside.  I knew straight away I must have hay fever. I went to the chemist and was given a nasal spray. I have used it daily and feel like a new women!! 

My eating was not great last week and the weekend before I couldn’t exercise I just felt ill.  As a result this week I gained 1lb and was gutted.

This weekend I felt so much better.  Friday night I had a girlie night in and forgot to take any pictures.  I can’t believe it.  Saturday we went into Durham and went to a new restaurant called Mrs Mustard.  We both had a salad and mine was chicken salad.  It was a little pricy for a lunch meal but the menu for the dinner meals sounds lush.  We will be going back. 

We had a fabulous thunder storm on Saturday night and we were very lucky not to get flooding in out town.

Sunday I got up and really felt better.  I decided to get out on my bike and did a fabulous 16 miles in a faster time then before.  I went past Raby Castle.

Then headed home.  How I missed the thunder storm and rain I will never know.  For the first time I tried an energy gel and I really noticed a difference.  About 5 miles after taking the gel i felt so much stronger.   I also changed how I sat on my bike tilting my hips forward and sitting further back on my buttocks.  It made me ride so much faster and stronger.  I couldn’t maintain it for long but it was great and today I can really feel it in my abs. 

I did 16 miles again but in much shorter time then my previous ride.  I was so pleased with myself and can feel it today.

I made a lovely Potato and Aubergine bake for our dinner and it was so tasty.  

1/2 onion finely chopped
200g of mushrooms chopped
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
1 garlic clove
1 Aubergine
400g of sliced potatoes (ideally new potatoes)
150g of Cottage Cheese
1 egg

Preheat the oven to about medium hot temperature.  Put the onion and mushrooms in  a pan with a small amount of water and put the lid on and cook until soft (about 4 mins).  Add the garlic and cook for a few minutes with the lid off.  Meanwhile drain a tin of tomatoes in to a colander until most of the liquid has gone.  Add the tomatoes into to the pan and heat through.  While this is cooking boil the sliced potatoes until cooked.  Also fry the slices of Aubergine until cooked through and slightly brown.  In a bowl mix the Cottage cheese and egg.

In a oven proof dish add a layer of tomato mix, then aubergine then the remaining tomato mix.  Then add another layer of Aubergine.  Top that with the cooked potatoes and add the cottage cheese mix.  Cook in the oven until the cottage cheese and egg mix is set and turning brown.  

Serve and enjoy.

I definitely have Olympic fever. 

My aims for the week (weather permitting as more storms are forecast)
Monday  - lunch run
Tuesday – Lunch run
Wednesday – Spinning
Thursday – lunch run
Friday – Lunch run
Weekend  - hopefully get out on my bike. 

I might try and get out one night during the week but I have a busy week ahead so will see.  I am feeling back on track and have planned my meals and my snacks for the week.  I sometimes find it hard sitting at a desk all day.

What are all of your plans?

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