Friday, 20 July 2012

Sun Shine at Long Last

I woke up this morning and looked out my window to some thing I have not seen for a very long time.  I was both shocked and delighted.  There is was blue sky and the sun was shining!  Also the forecast for the weekend is sunny – at long long last!

This week has really flown and I can not believe that it is Friday already.  I have had a fun week although my legs have been so bad. 

My fitness aims all went to plan apart from Wednesday as my legs were just too painful.  I really over did it at the weekend and bouldering on Monday night. 

I didn’t get spinning but I knew I wouldn’t manage it and today my legs feel fresh and ready for my lunch time run.

I am really excited for the weekend as I am meeting up with my best bud and going out for lunch.  We have not seen each other in so long so can’t wait to see her. 

As the weather  meant to be dry for once and hot  I am hoping to some more cycling done .  Last weeks ride was so hard and I really didn’t enjoy it as it was so windy.  I am hoping to put that right this weekend. 

I also got talking to a lady this week who is going to join our lunch time running group as she is entering a  Sprint Triathlon in September.  This is something I would LOVE to do and although I can’t do it this year it is a goal for next year.  It is really scary as I am not a naturally fit person and find everything is hard work but it would be so rewarding.  Now that I have said it, is it legally binding and I have to do it?!

I have read up a little in training for Triathlons and think it is something I could manage.

Some random week pictures!
Who doesn't love Hummus and veg?

Find out more in next weeks WIAW

Have you any secret dreams?  What are your weekend plans?

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